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About The Hive

Bringing creativity to Codsall everyday

We guarantee you have never been to another cafe like ours!  


The Codsall Hive is a cafe where you can feed your creative appetite as well as your physical appetite.  Paint pottery, drink milkshakes or Illy Coffee and munch on a homemade Cheese Scone or tuck into today's cake selection!  Book onto a fun workshop to learn a new craft.

Run by a team of creative types we love what we do and we hope our enthusiasm shows in everything we do. There's always new events we want to run, new pottery techniques to teach, every season gives us new ideas and occasions to help you make personalised pottery for. Life is never dull at The Hive! 


Our Story

Started in May 2013 The Codsall Hive was the brainchild of a Codsall mum of two who envisioned a cafe where children would never be bored, and creative activities would have greater appeal than all the new tech and screens that so often we are all attached to.

Seeing generations of families happy and chatting together over a pottery painting activity is still a joy for all our staff to see.  Communication face to face is harder to engender these days, so to offer activities that all ages can enjoy together is something we take very seriously.

During the Pandemic we were able to deliver creativity into the homes of our local community, pottery painting was a wonderful antidote to the stress at the time and filled time people suddenly had on their hands. 

Today we enjoy running events for and hosting all ages in the cafe or classroom.   Teenage groups, pottery dates, birthday parties, family visits or welcoming new babies into the world with keepsake items, we absolutely believe that though creativity we can connect with everyone from one to one hundred and one!   

Meet The Team

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