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As well as our extensive range of hand and footprint pottery we also create a variety of baby keepsakes created by our specialist studio artists.

Clay Imprints – finished in your choice of colour, presented as a hanging plaque From £55
Framed Outprints – Your child or siblings hands or feet cast as a raised piece of art. Framed and finished in black and either gold, silver or bronze detail to pick up all those little lines and tiny toes. A white and pastel finish is also available for a more natural look. From £65
3d Casting – Replica hands or feet, cast in alginate then cast in plaster and finished in your choice of silver, gold, black or white and presented in a high quality box frame or mounted as a statue. From £110 for baby hand and feet.
3d Hand Claspfrom £180 for a mounted statue of two intertwined hands. A beautiful engagement or wedding gift.
These services are all available by appointment, please call to discuss your requirements

Clay Imprints

3D Hand and Foot

3D Hand Clasp Statue

Framed Outprint