We have attempted to display pretty much our entire range on here. Prices for particular items can be attained by calling us up or contact us via FB messages (Facebook.com/thehivecodsall) . Some prices can be seen in the photos of our shelves. All can be packaged up to go with your choice of colours. Return at your leisure for firing.

Party Animals £9.50
Under the Sea £ various
Fairies & Princesses From £13.65
Larger Figurines £10.95 – £22.50
Boys Toys From £10.50
Paint kit, something for everyone
Ceramic Paint Colour Chart
Adult Ideas
Bigger projects
Family Mug Painting,
choose your style!
Horses and Unicorns
From £12.70
More Boys toys
Trinket Boxes from £12.50
Teenage Choices – various £
Animal Figurines
from £8.40-£9.50
Household items
Mugs 1
Mugs 2
Mugs 3
Bowls & Word plaques
Vases &miscellaneous
Plates, various