Food & Drink


We prefer to concentrate on delivering you the best creative activities so our menu is deliberately simple, yet wholesome. You will never starve at The Hive, we’ll just tide you over until you can get home for lunch or tea!

Note we serve coffees and teas in mugs to minimise on table clutter so children can enjoy activities. Drinks can be served on request in lidded cups around smaller children.

Hive Hot Drinks
Americano £2.25
Cappucino £2.60
Latte £2.60
Mocha £2.70
Double Espresso £2.25
Add a syrup to your coffee for 20p ask for our flavours
Hot Chocolate (ask about our specials) From £2.50
Luxury Hot Chocolate £2.70
Teas (ask for our selection) £2.10

Cold Drinks
Milkshakes (chocolate, caramel, strawberry & vanilla or ask for our specials) From £2.50
Cans of fizzy Drink from £1.35
Fruit shoots £1.00
Milk 80p
Fruit juice cartons 90p
Bottled water (still or Sparkling) £1.25

Hive Snack Menu
Cakes and cookies see today’s selection on our counter
Fairy Cake Decorating (icing and sprinkles supplied) £1.50
Hot buttered Crumpets or Teacake £1.50
Toast, two slices buttered £1.00
Plate of biscuits £1.00
Raisins or marshmallows 75p
Yogurt tube or jelly pot 75p
Breadsticks with either Dairylea or Hummus £1.00
Cheese and Crackers £1.50
Hummus & pitta bread £1.50
Cherry tomatoes, Carrot Sticks, Cucumber (choose 2) 80p

Children’s meals
Toddler Lunch – Cheese, jam or ham sandwich with crisps and yogurt £2.50
Kids Beans or Hoops on toast (comes with a yogurt tube) £2.99
Kids Baked potato with beans, cheese, both or Hummus £3.50
Kids Toastie Cheese, ham or tuna. Served with crisps £3.30

Adult Food
Toasties (cheese with either tomato, onion, pickle, tuna or ham) served with tortilla chips £3.30
Baked Potato, various fillings ask for options £4.50
Soup (when available) served with a warm pitta bread £4.50
Cheese Scone served warm with cheese & pickle or tomato £3.50
Fruit Scone served with jam and clotted cream (seasonal) £3.25
Ask us for Gluten-Free Options